If we send you the wrong item or you received damaged goods you can return it to SakkStyles. You should report this problem within 72 hours after receiving the wrong or damaged item. The items should then returned within 7 days after you received the item and must be unworn and in original condition. All custom orders are Final Sale! If you order a pre-sale item and your item is not delivered the week of the release date your money will be refunded in full. No money will be refunded before the week of the release date, and if we deliver item as promised, the item is final sale! in some cases we will issue a store credit for pre-sale items! Please be patient for manufacturing purposes.


For Faulty items, We will examine the item, check for the problem, and if faulty or incorrect item was sent to you,  we will then ship the corrected item or exchange back to you at no cost to you. In the event that there is no damage or the correct item has been shipped, we will ship the item back to you and you will be responsible for shipping both ways.


Refund Policy:

We offer Partial or full refunds on most items within 72 hours after reporting the problem and receiving your goods.


Full Refund Policy: 

We offer full refund on items that are found to be damaged or faulty due to our fault.  


Partial Refund Policy: 

We offer a partial refund on returned items that are missing some of the original parts. In this case you will receive a partial refund.